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Chapter 30 Talent

I was so excited for Isabell and Andy to come over and the week went so slowly, everyday was a pain in the ass literally but eventually it became Friday. We were going to pick them up at the airport after school timely enough.

 My school day used to be shorter than Bella’s but I had actually added a music class at the end of the day so now we ended at the same time. This was the first day of that class and I walked into the music room and took a seat in the back. My plan was to watch and not stick out to much here, I knew some of these students were really talented and had put a lot of effort through the years in this so I guess I didn’t want to desecrate their precious music, even if music meant a lot for me too and had its own history in my heart too. Suddenly a teacher with a big smile on his lips came in and compared to the other teachers here he looked very relaxed.
“Let’s begin, I’m Mr. Moore for you who may not know” he said and gave me a little discrete nod lucky enough he didn’t ask me to present myself so I didn’t have to suffer through some unwanted attention.
“This term we are going to start working on writing our own songs and then perform them at the middle of this term” He was then interrupted by a hand raised in the air and gave her a nod to talk.
“What kind of songs do you want us to write?”
He shrugged his shoulders “You tell me, I can’t tell you what to write. What you write have to come from the heart, only songs that have been give a lot of effort to are the songs that turn out good but see the difference just because it has been put a lot of effort to does not make it a complicated song you can still keep it easy” The minute he said that I knew I was going to like this teacher.
“I want you to write in groups with at least two people or more in it, that’s the only requirement I have as long as you write a song and put some effort in it, is it clear?” Everybody nodded and some looked at each other deciding just by eye contact who to work with. I wanted to work by myself, as I said before low profile you know but now when I was forced to work with someone I immediately regretted my decision to add this class.
“Now what are you waiting for then? Go write some new hits” Mr. Moore said with a big smile and everyone spread out into different directions and there I was all alone.
“Hey you’re Carly right?” someone said right next to me. I turned around and met the persons gaze.
“Yes?” I answered with a questioning tone.
He reached out his hand “I’m Cole” I grabbed it and shock his hand, but since he clearly already knew my name I just kept looking strange at him.
“Everyone knows who you are here, it’s a small town and since you hang out with the oh so famous Niall Horan they keep an eye on you” He said and rolled his eyes, I gave him another strange look.
“Oh and you’re trying to tell me you’re not like them?”
He nodded “Yes”
“But you knew my name anyway” I said suspiciously.
“Honestly I’ve been checking you out since your first day here, that’s why I know your name” He said with a smirk and I swallowed nervously at least he was honest even if I had a hard time believing it.
“And you are here to hit on me?”  
“My intention wasn’t too but if it’s working I’m going to say yes” he said and let out that smile again.
“Definitely not working and you do know that I have a boyfriend right?”
“I’m joking with you except for the part about checking you out” He winked “I’m here to offer you the great honor of writing a song with me” He said proudly.
“I guess I don’t have much of a choice” I looked around and saw that everyone had already paired up “but you should know that it’s not an honor for me sooner the other way around”   
He reached out his hand again “Team then?” I grabbed it and said with a smile “Team it is”.

He showed me his guitar skills and I can admit he was incredibly good.
“You sing and I play then?” He said and I looked dissatisfied at him, he gave me questioning look.
“I love to sing but not in front of people”
“Sometimes got to be the first” He said still happy.
I rolled my eyes “You don’t even know if I’m good, I can assure you I’m a horrible singer”
“Don’t believe you” He answered and started to pick some tones at the guitar then looked up at me with that challenging smirk again.
“Okay you sing and I play and do harmonies?” He said again.
I shook my head “I told you I’m not a good singer”
“Prove it, sing for me” I looked at him with big eyes, was he nuts? I just told him I don’t sing in front of people and he asks me to sing for him. When he saw my reaction he smiled challenging at me again “I dare you” He said and he I gave him an angry look. He reminded me of all the lads together, like he was a mix of all of them and it drove me crazy. I can’t say no to a dare, it’s impossible and what’s even more impossible is him knowing I can’t resist a dear.
“I know you can’t resist a dare, I can read it on your reaction” I gave him another angry look.
“Give me the damn guitar” I said angrily and tore the guitar out of his hands. I tried some tones on it, gave Cole another angry gaze and then started to play.

Where do you go when you’re lonely
Where do you turn when you’re tired of being left alone
Where is the path to make it right
I lost hope after another fight

I sang tone after tone and didn’t notice that the whole classroom had turned all silent.
Please help me home
I sang finishing the last tone and looked up nervously at Cole. He started to applaud and seconds after the whole classroom applauded at me and made me blush. Mr. Moore walked up to me and took place right next to me and Cole.
“Did you write that song yourself?” He said curiously.
I looked down at my lap and then carefully answered “Yes”. Everyone around me whispered to each other and looked at me. I just got lowest grades in keeping a low profile. Mr. Moore stoop up again and spoke the whole class “That is what I call talent, see it as an inspiration to your song writing” then he looked at me and smiled. My heart was still nervously pounding way to fast when I looked at Cole again.
“Horrible singer my ass” He said and we both burst out into laugh then continued by saying
”I don’t care what you say, I play and you sing end of discussion”

After class Cole followed me to my locker where Bella already stood waiting for me. Cole was actually very funny and made me laugh a lot. When Bella noticed him she gave me a quick look and before she could say anything I interrupted her and introduced them to each other.
“Cole this is Bella and Bella this is Cole” He reached out his hand but she just looked at it, he smiled but then quickly took it back after a look by Bella.
“Sorry Cole but we have to go now” I said and he leaned in to hug me goodbye but Bella tore me away and pushed me forward.
“Bye Carly” I heard him screaming in the background. I turned around and gave Bella a angry look.
“What was that for?”
“Walk” She said and I started to walk again. Bitch.

We stood at the airport and waited for Isabell and Andy to show up among the people and Bella took the chance to ask me out about Cole.
“Bella calm down, he’s a friend I’m working with on the music class” I said for about the tenth time.
“Does the name Harry Styles ring a bell?”
I sighed “Here’s the difference Bella since you can’t see it yourself, Harry is my boyfriend and Cole is my friend now get over it” She was about to say something more but I saw Andy and Isabelle coming against us, I let out a happy scream and started to run against them. I ran straight into their arms and seconds after Bella was there to and we had a big group hug.
“I’ve missed you so much” We all said to each other and hugged again.
“Welcome to Ireland” Bella and I said at the same time to them.
Andy smiled big at me “so what have you both been up to lately then?”
“Basically nothing but Carly found herself a new lover” Bella answered and I gave her an angry look. Isabelle and Andy looked chocked at me
“What?!” they said at the same time.

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Chapter 29 Finding out the truth

I saw my dad walking against us and pressed out a little smile. I walked up to him and hugged him, don’t ask me why, I just did.
“Hey dad”
he smiled at me “Hey girl, you had fun?”
“It’s pretty impossible to not have fun when those guys are around” I said and looked over at Bella and she smiled back at me.
“So when do I get to meet that boy then?” I looked surprised at my dad, I hadn’t told him a thing about Harry.
“You are not very hard to read” He said with a smile and I heard Bella give away a little cough. I gave her a quick gaze to shut her up.  
I turned to my dad again “I guess the next time he’s coming back”
“And when’s that?”
I looked down at my hands and swallowed “I don’t know actually” I said quietly.

I throwed my bags at the floor and then felt my phone buzz.
Hey babe you made it home alright?
miss u xoxo Harry
I smiled and felt that little sting in my heart again, how was this ever going to work? The distance, the time away from each other. I cursed myself for thinking like that, I had promised Harry not to be worried, I had to trust him on this.
“You okay?” I looked up and met my dad’s worried gaze.
 “I guess I am” I answered even though it was a lie. He stroked my cheek and responded.
“You know it’s okay to be sad, it’s okay to cry and it’s okay to miss him”
“It’s just hard”
“Don’t worry, the distance is not a problem if you don’t let it be” Since when did my dad become this wise? And since when did he actually start to care about me?
“How do you know?” I said with a little snort.
He looked down at the floor “I went through it once when I got kicked out and had to leave my daughter” He said and then met my chocked gaze again. I realized he was talking about me and mum, my mum had told me he left not that she kicked him out.
“How?” I managed to stumble out.
“Look Carly I know what your mum told you happened but it’s just as much my fault that you hate me, I let the distance become a problem if I had tried harder and fought back against your mum maybe things had been different today” He looked down at his hands again and his eyes were filled with tears. For all these years I had hated my dad for leaving us, I’ve been really mean to him all this time when all he did was keeping the lie mum had told me about him. A lie that had made him look bad, a lie that had been the reason for the distance between us.
“Dad I’m so sorry” I whispered. He dragged me in for a hug and tears started to stream down my face.
“Carly I don’t blame you for anything, I’m just glad I got you back here with me” He stroked away the tears on my cheeks and I smiled at him. A little stone lifted off my chest but fell back in place again as I thought of my mum. How could she do this to me? My thought got interrupted by my phones buzzing sound, I looked apologetic at my dad.
Don’t care what you’re doing, Skype now.
“Sorry best friend calling”
He raised one eyebrow “It has gone like 30 minutes since you saw her”
“Girls” I said and rolled my eyes which made him laugh. I turned around and went out of the kitchen but then stopped and took one step back again.
“Dad?” He turned around and looked questioning at me.
I smiled “I’m really glad you told me this, I’ve missed you”

I opened my computer and started Skype, seconds later I got a call from Bella.
“What’s up babe?” I asked directly.
“Wait, I’m just going to call Isabell too” We had got a long really well with Isabelle, the girl Louis slept with on New Year’s Eve and surprisingly enough I guess she hadn’t been just a one night stand because they were still seeing each other. I envied her for living so near them and for getting to see them every day.
“Hey girls!” Someone screamed happily.
“Hey Isabell” We answered at the same time which immediately made us laugh.
“How’s Ireland?” She asked and I sighed.
“Boring and too far away from England”
“It can’t be that bad”
“Yes it can and it is” I said determined.
“Don’t bother her, Ireland is nice” I could basically see Bella roll her eyes in front of me. I heard someone talk in the background.
“Who’s there with you?” I asked them both since I couldn’t hear where the voice came from.
“Oh it’s just Andy” Isabelle said.
“Wait what? Andy who?” Bella and I said at the same time once again.
“Why do we always speak at the same time?”
“Don’t know but Isabell Andy who?”
“Yes it’s the Andy you think it is, he’s my cousin” I nearly jumped of my chair, why hadn’t anyone told us this? I guess that’s why Isabelle were at the party.
“Why haven’t anyone told us this before?”
“Why would we?” Andy said in the background.
“Hi Andy” I said and smiled big, the minutes I had talked to Andy I liked him a lot so far.
“Hi Carly” He screamed back in the background.
“So I was going to ask you guys something” Isabelle said tense.
“Spit it out” Bella and I once again said at the same time.
“I was wondering if I could come visit you on Ireland next week. And stay at your place for a week?” I let out a happy scream and so did Bella.
“Yes of course!”
Suddenly Andy was there again “Hey you are not going there without me”
“Then I guess you both are coming here next week?” That thought became my comfort for now.

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Chapter 28 Leaving

It was five minutes before twelve and we were all outside counting down every last minute of the year. Louis still hadn’t showed up but I had helped Harry with all the drinks and people were now placing rackets and made them ready to shot off. Suddenly I saw Louis coming out the door with a girl after him who I recognized more than I wanted to. I bumped Harry in the side and nodded over at them. Louis noticed us and came up to us still with the girl after him.
“Hey I’m sorry for being late” He said avoiding my gaze and smiled lightly at Harry. I looked over at the girl behind him and reached out my hand.
“I’m Carly” I said and she took my hand and shook it.
“I’m Isabell” Louis gave me an apologetic smile and I winked at him. I looked around to see if I could find Bella, suddenly out of nowhere she stood right next to me.
“Isabell this is Bella and Bella this is Isabell” I said and introduced them to each other.
“Hey girl” Bella cried out and ran up to her and hugged her. I was on my way to hit Bella in the head or something, shy was one thing she wasn’t. I gave Isabelle an apologetic smile but she just laughed at Bella and hugged her back. Suddenly people started to count down around us and Harry grabbed my hand. I me his gaze and together we count down to the New Year.
“3...2…1” The rackets blew off and everyone screamed.
“Happy New Year” Harry leaned forward and gave me passionate kiss.
“Happy New Year love” I smiled big at him and then reached out my glass and clinked it with his.
“For a new year full of hopes, dreams and love” I said and he gave me that wry smile.
“For a new year with you” He said and clinked our glasses one more then we both emptied them.  

My head was pounding and I didn’t feel good at all, Harry poured up way too much for me to drink last night and I wasn’t very used to drinking so I had a really bad hangover. This was also my last day here, the plane was leaving tonight and I wanted to share every single second I had left with Harry since I never knew when I would see him again.
“How do you feel?” Harry asked and took my hand in his.
“Do you refer to the hangover or about going back home?”
“Both” He answered and smiled.
“The hangover sucks and going home sucks even more” I looked down and swallowed, looking at him would probably make me cry.
“Hey Carly, stop worrying so much about it”
“What do you expect me to do Harry? Do you even care about this?” I said, released his hand and took one step back.
“Do you really believe I do not care?” This got more serious, how could I know he cared?
“I don’t know, how could I know Harry?” I asked with tears in my eyes. He took one step closer to me but as he did that I took one step back.
“Why don’t you trust me Carly?” He said with a sad look.
“How do I know I’m not just one of many girls for you? How do I know I can trust you Harry?” I said and felt one tear slowly running down my cheek.  
“Have I ever done something to not deserve your trust?” I realized I was being unfair.
“No I’m sorry Harry, but I’m scared I don’t know what to expect or what to believe” He decreased the distance between us and dragged me close to him.
“Please don’t cry, why are you so cared to trust?”
“I’m afraid to get hurt” I whispered against his chest.
“I will never hurt you Carly, I promise” He said and looked down at me. I met his gaze and kissed him lightly. I guess we just had out first fight but I was still afraid.

I looked at Bella and took her hand, she probably knew how I felt right now.
“We still have each other at least ” She said and gave me a strained smile.
“I don’t know what I would do without you right know honestly”
“I love you bestie” She said and hugged my hand.
“I love you too” I said and we both looked out the window and saw London getting smaller and smaller.

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Chapter 27 Up All Night

“He was trying to do what?” I asked in shock and looked surprised at Liam.
“Maybe I wasn’t allowed to say that so never mind” He said a bit nervously and then turned to the decorations and finished the last one.
“Liam please you can’t expect me to let this go now”
“Actually I am expecting you to let this go, it’s nothing it’s just what I’ve heard Harry haven’t even told me that himself” I raised one eyebrow and continued to look at him. I tried reading him but then suddenly he just sneaked away with a sneaky smile. I was just about to run over to Harry and demand him to explain when I heard someone shout my name. I looked over and saw Bella come in with Zayn right after her.
“Hey babe” I said to her with a big smile. We hadn’t really spent so much time these days but since she was with Zayn I assumed she didn’t mind.
“Ready to party all night long?” She said and winked.
“Hell yeah” I said and laughed.
“Can you excuse me for a minute? I need to go and talk to Harry” I said and started to walk away but Bella stopped me and dragged me back, I looked questioning at her.
“You’re not going anywhere, were occupying the toilet now” She said and I saw Zayn roll his eyes behind her back.
“We’re what?” I said and gave Zayn a quick smile.
“I’m giving you a makeover” I looked anxiously first at her and then Zayn.
“I thought all girls loved makeovers” He said and laughed at me.
“It depends, Bella can be a little wild sometimes” That made him laugh even more and I heard him mumble. ”Yes she can definitely be a little wild in many ways” I immediately misinterpreted that and looked choked at them both. Zayn smiled mischievously and sneaked away to the lads.
“Well thank you for that one” She mumbled and looked over at Zayn. Before I got the chance to say something more she dragged me into the toilet and locked the door.
“Was he good?” I asked her and she started to blush. This made it clear that I was right.
“Bella!” I said desperately for her to talk.
“Yes! Happy now?” She said and we both laughed.
“Do I need to pray for the table?” I said and she looked at me like I was an idiot.
“You’re such an idiot” She said and hit me easily in the head. “Sit down and shut up so I can get you ready for tonight now”

I scanned myself from tip to toe. Bella had done an amazing job with me, my hair and makeup was perfect and also the dress and high heels she had got for me.
“Thank you Bella, you’re amazing” I said with a big smile. She looked absolutely stunning too, she was even taller than she used to be and I wondered if she wasn’t taller than Zayn with those heels.
“Let’s get out and blow our boys away” She said and winked. We went out and saw Niall coming against us with big eyes.
“Girls you look absolutely stunning” He said and hugged first Bella then me. When he hugged me he whispered in my ear. “You are so beautiful Carly” I smiled big at him and kissed him on the cheek.
“You don’t look so bad yourself” I said and ruffled his hair. I turned around to look for Harry and saw him directly walking towards us. He stopped right in front of me and looked at me with the same big eyes as Niall had before.
“Wow you are so beautiful” He said and looked into my eyes. I blushed and mumbled out a thank you, he lifted my chin up.
“I told you not to look down when you’re blushing, you don’t have to hide it” I smiled and he leaned forward and kissed me lightly. I took a step back to look at him too, I bit my lip he looked so fit. He looked at me waiting for me to say something.
“You’re looking very fit Styles” I said and smiled at him.

The party was on full blast and I can say that the whole thing so far had been absolutely mental. I met some of the lads’ old friends who were really nice. Especially Andy and Maz, Liam’s old friends were very funny. I also got to meet Danielle and she was just as sweet as everyone said she would be both me and Bella came along very well with her. Suddenly I felt someone drag my forward, it was Danielle and I looked questioning at her.
“I heard you were a dancer so let’s show them what we got” She said with a big smile. I laughed at her but followed her without protests, that was unusual but I guess the alcohol Harry made me try got its ways now. We pushed us past all the people into the middle and then we smiled at each other and started to dance. Dancing in high heels could’ve been a problem but surprisingly we didn’t even trip. Soon people formed a ring around us. We rocked the floor for the rest of the song and when it changed people got back and danced again. I looked for Danielle but couldn’t find her among all the people instead I felt someone come up from behind and lay their arms around me. I looked back and Harry smiled at me.
“You looked sexy on the dance floor honey” He whispered in my ear and pulled me closer to him as we danced.
“Can you go find Louis? Its 30 minutes left until 12 and we need to fix the champagne” I nodded and walked out of the crowd. I looked everywhere where there were people in case he got caught up talking to someone.
“Carly who are you looking for?” Bella and Danielle said at the same time. I turned around to face them.
“Louis, Harry needs his help fixing the champagne”
“We’ll help you” They said and smiled. We looked all the rooms once more and then went to check the bedrooms just in case, we opened the door to Louis bedroom all three laughing and the sight we saw was not what we expected so we quickly closed it again and ran away laughing so bad we had to stop just a few meters away.
“I guess I’ll go help Harry then” I managed to get out between the laughing. When I got to the kitchen I had to take two deep breaths to manage to stop laughing.
“Hey babe, did you find Louis?”
“Yes” I said and laughed a bit again.
“So where is he then?” Harry said and looked questioning at me.
“Breaking tables” I said and burst into laugh again.

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Chapter 26 My Freedom

She gave out a light happy scream and then jumped on me and showered me with hugs and how much she had missed me and why I was there and then she noticed who actually was with me and became all silent. I cleared my throat and looked back at Harry, luckily I had explained that Alexi was obsessed with them so he wasn’t surprised.
“Alexi this is Harry and Harry this is Alexi” I said and pointed at them as I presented them.
“I know who he is” She said and gave me a look that screamed out for me to explain. She knew about Niall but after that had happened with him we hadn’t talked at all so she didn’t know a thing about Harry and I felt a bit guilty. Harry took a step forward and shook her hand.
“It’s very nice to meet you Alexi” She looked like she was going to die when he came closer.
“Just hug her instead” I said and winked at her, Harry laughed a bit but hugged her as I told him and then step back to me and laid his arm around me.
“Come inside instead, we have a lot to talk about” she said and winked us in.
“I was actually planning to visit mum too and since she moved I don’t know where she lives anymore so that’s where you come in again”
“Your mum’s out of town until after new year’s eve so she’s unfortunately no home” I felt the disappointment run over me, I had missed my mum and really wanted to see her but I guess there comes more chances to do so.

“Wow so much has happened to you since you left, I can’t believe it” We sat in Alexis room and I had just told her about everything that happened, even the Niall part and when I did Harry looked extremely jealous and hugged my hand so hard I had to ask him to let go of me.
“So how’s everything going for you here then?” I asked her to change the attention to her instead of me.
“Beside the fact that my best friend left me to move to Ireland and then got together with the hottest guy alive, while my best friend is living life over there I’m still here missing her like hell, you can say that my life is quite normal compared to yours” We laughed at her, she had always been like that, said straight out what she felt.
“Alexi you know that I miss you so much” I said and looked sadly at her. She gave me a sad look back and then looked over at Harry.
“You may be my celebrity crush and all that but since you’re my best friends boyfriend now I have to tell you that if you hurt her I’m going to kill you slowly” She said threatening to Harry, I looked apologetic at Harry and then hit Alexi on the leg and gave her a look that meant stop or I kill you.
“No it’s okay, I get her point and I won’t hurt her I promise” Harry said and smiled at Alexi.
“You better don’t, for your own sake”

When we got out in the car Harry started to laugh, I looked questioning at him.
“What?” I asked a bit confused since I missed the fun part.
“I like her, she’s a bid odd but she’s honest” Now I got the banter.
“It takes a while to get used to her, if you ever get used to her at all” I said and thought of all the craziness I had been to face through the years.
“Is it okay if I take you to a place?” I suddenly said and looked at Harry. He smiled curiously at me.
“Sure, tell me where to drive” I smiled big at him and started to direct him through the street.
“I’m not going to tell you where or what it is just the way to go there” I said and bit my lip.
“You’re making me curious” He said and looked like five year old going to the toyshop. I laughed at him and then kept directing him. He drove into a very familiar alley and stopped the car. Then looked questioning at me, there was nothing here at all if you didn’t know what to search for so I just gave him a light smile and stepped out of the car. He came after me when I walked up to the window and tried to open it.
“What is this? I hope you’re not planning a burglary” He said a bit nervous and I raised one eyebrow and looked at him. He just smiled at me. I tried to open the window but it was stuck, I fought with all my strength but couldn’t get it up.
“Need a bit of help here?” He said and I stepped aside so he could open it, he managed to open the window and smiled proudly. I shook my head at his vain and then jumped inside, Harry jumped in directly after me.
“Close your eyes” I said quickly even if he couldn’t see anything in the dark I didn’t want to risk anything. He did as I told him and I ran over to the other side of the room and turned on the light.
“You can open them now” He looked surprised around himself and took some careful steps to really take it in. I had brought him to my old dance studio that I had built myself and everything was just as I had left it.
“Wow” He said with big eyes.
“This has been my sanctuary for many years now, I used to be here everyday” I said and smiled, I missed my dancing so much. I hadn’t danced since the last time I was here.
“How did you find it?” He asked still a bit overwhelmed.
“It was only an old warehouse when I found it, I built it myself” Now he looked surprised at me again.
“You keep surprising me every day” He said and walked up to me, he stood very close and kissed me lightly on my lips. I licked my lips and my whole body screamed for more, Harry looked around again and then happily said.
“Show me your moves”
“No” I said.
“Please, I want to see you dance” He said and brought out his puppy eyes. I couldn’t resist it so I thought o myself why not. A bit nervous I ran over to the stereo and turned the music on Beggin – Madcon started to play. I walked over to stand in front of the mirror, I could see Harry behind me when I looked into them. I gave him a light smile and then closed me eyes to feel the beat and started to move.

I stood next to Liam helping him with all the decorations for the New Year’s Party. We had decorated almost the whole apartment and Louis and Harry ran back and forth both nervous. A lot of people were coming.
“So is Danielle going to be here?” I asked Liam and smiled. He got a big smile on his lips when he answered.
“Yes she’s coming and she’s quite excited to meet you” I got a bit nervous but I had only heard good of her so there was probably nothing to worry about.
“I feel honored, if we only could get those two to calm down a bit” I said nodding at Harry ad Louis. They stood and counted all the glasses for like the fourteenth time. This was the first time I had got the chance to actually talk to Liam and he was very nice and funny. I always took him as a bit of shy but he wasn’t at all when you actually talked to him. He was just like the rest of the boys. Suddenly he said.
“I heard that Harry’s trying to fix you an audition to dance for the X-Factor”

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Chapter 25 Going Back

It frightened me a little to know that I was Harry Styles girlfriend. I didn’t want any publicity but it was a big part of it all so I couldn’t get away from it. I had to get used to it but I actually don’t think anyone ever get used to all this after all how could they? I wanted to make the best out of it and I wanted his fans to like me so why not be nice to them? I know by just asking them to sit with us for an hour made them incredibly happy.

“Ready to go to bed honey?” Harry asked and I woke up from my trance. I had thought about this since we got home from milkshake city and hadn’t really paid attention to the movie we had watched.
“Yes sure” I said getting up from the couch but then realized where I was going to sleep and my heart raced in full speed again. Don’t let this affect you Carly, you can resist him without a problem. I wonder how things were going for Bella or wait no I didn’t want to know actually.
“Don’t forget to use a condom and please try to be a little bit quiet thank you” Louis screamed behind us and I just wanted to run back and hit him with a frying pan in the head. Harry saw my face expression and read my mind.
“He’s just joking, its Louis you know how he is violence won’t solve anything” He said with a calming voice.
“I know but it would make me feel a lot better” I mumbled and Harry laughed at me. I took my bag and ran into the toilet changed to my pajamas, brushed me teeth and all that then ended up looking in the mirror. So much had changed since the last time I was in London I don’t know if it was in a good way or not it was too early to decide for that. It felt good but I was scared to keep my hopes up that it would stay so, nothing ever stays good forever. I walked out to Harry again and he already lay in bed waiting for me so I crawled down next to him under the blanket. He looked over at me and lifted his blanket a bit.
“It’s a big blanket, there’s room for you under it too” He said and smiled. I shook my head at him but crawled under his blanket instead.
“If you’re naked I’m going to kill you” I said and gave him a suspicious look.
“Horrible I know but I’m not” I smiled at him and he leaned over me and turned off the lights. Then he grabbed me and turned me over so was on top of him and I could sense a smile on his lips. He started to kiss me first carefully and then more and more passionately. My body immediately reacted and I pushed myself closer to him, dragged my hand over his chest and stomach and then rolled over so he was on top of me instead. I had lost all control over myself but then suddenly Harry just stopped and I heard him laugh a bit.
“Take it easy Carly, I know that you don’t have any control but you should also know that it’s a big fight to resist you too so can you please calm down before we do something we might regret?” Luckily me it was dark in the room because I started to blush and cursed myself over and over for once again losing control. He rolled of me and laid next to me with his arm around me instead.
“I’m sorry” I whispered.
“Don’t be, but you need to know that you affect me in ways you don’t even know. I’m going crazy for you, it’s not very easy to be the responsible one” I smiled but found it hard believing him.
“Are we doing anything tomorrow?” I asked him.
“No not anything special, we’re free until New Year’s eve why are you wondering?” I smiled to myself.
“I thought since we are in London maybe we could go surprise my mum and Alexis?” I had missed them so much so I really wanted to see them. Knowing that I was only miles away from them made it even harder.
“Of course, I can drive you there and then pick you up if you want to spend some time alone with them”
“I want you to be there with me Harry” I saw that he was smiling.
“I would love to meet them” He said and I searched in the dark after his lips and gave him a light kiss before I turned over again and feel asleep.

I nearly jumped up and down on my seat in the car and Harry laid his hand on my thigh to make me calm down. But I was really nervous, I decided to surprise them completely but just showing up without saying anything. And another part of me boiled with anger at Louis, of course he teased us this morning again. Or rather saying teased me since Harry didn’t get affected by it.
“I’m going to hurt Louis if he keeps going like this”
“You’ll get used to him later, he finds it funny teasing you just because he knows it affects you”
“I know but that’s what makes me angry that I let it affect me” I mumbled and Harry looked at me, shook his head and laughed lightly. I looked outside the window and everything became more and more familiar the further we went and suddenly I saw our old apartment, mum didn’t live there anymore of course since that was why I had to move to my dad but Alexi lived just a few houses away so that was where we were going first. Harry stopped the car and hand in hand we walked up to the door and knocked. A familiar face opened, it was Alexis mum and she looked surprised at me first but then hugged me. She had been like my second mum since I was little, I had barely lived here sometimes and Alexi had barely lived at my place sometimes. She called for Alexi to come down and I looked nervously at Harry. He hugged my hand harder and smiled calmly at me. Alexi came to the door and when she saw me she just stopped and looked surprised at me and Harry.
“Hi Alexi”

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Chapter 24 Showing The World

I ran straight into his arms and he dragged me in and kissed me then he looked at me with a big smile on his lips and said.
“Longest week of my life” I laughed at him and then kissed him again. He completed the kiss and I gave him a dissatisfied look. He walked over and hugged Niall and Bella but didn’t let go of my hand Both Niall and Bella looked just as happy as I felt to be back with the rest of the lads again.  
“So are you ready to see our apartments then?” Harry said and looked at me and Bella, I looked over at Bella and she smiled big.
“But where are we staying?” I asked them.
“I’m staying in Zayn’s apartment” Bella said and looked at Zayn, he looked away but I could see that he was smiling anyway. I was about to say something about table breaking but decided to shut up in case they said something in revenge later.
“But wait where am I staying then?” Harry got mischievous smile on his lips and said.
“With me and Louis of course”
“Stealing my place in the bed” Louis mumbled to himself and shook his head but loud enough for me to hear him. I swallowed me alone with Harry at night. I couldn’t even end a kiss how am I supposed to stay controlled at night alone, in the same bed as Harry. Oh god.

I stepped out of the car and I was speechless. If this was their apartments then what was our house called? This looked like a freaking mansion; Harry saw my expression and smiled big at me.
“Wait until you get inside” He said, took my bags and started to walk inside. This apartment was big, like really big and the rooms were unbelievable.
“You like it?” Harry said from behind, I turned around to look at him.
“If I like it? Are you crazy I freaking love it” I said with a big smile.
“We were planning on taking you to Milkshake city if u wanted to go?”
“Of course!”
“Let’s go then” He said and I took his hand as we walked out to the cars.

I did somehow forget a bit that they were famous so I didn’t think of the possibility to might get caught by fans but the minute we walked inside Milkshake City a girls a girl gasped for breath and let out a light scream. I immediately let go of Harry’s hand, I didn’t know how to handle this since we hadn’t told anyone about us. I wasn’t even sure if i was allowed to say us, we hadn’t really discussed it I just assumed it after everything that happened. Harry took my hand in his again and smiled at me.
“Don’t be afraid of our fans” I guess this meant that he wasn’t afraid of showing me off as his girlfriend, I looked back at Bella and she looked a bit terrified to but Zayn whispered something I her ear that made her look calmer again. She looked over at me and gave me a nervous gaze. The girls came up to us and it took some seconds for them to calm down and some more seconds to realize I was holding Harry’s hand. They looked up at me and then got a big smile on their lips. I looked nervously at Harry.
“Are we allowed to ask if that’s your girlfriend?” They said carefully, I couldn’t blame them for being curious. I waited for Harry to answer and he hugged my hand a bit harder.
“Yes she is actually and you’re the first one to know about it” He answered and I looked down at the floor to hide the big smile on my lips and when I looked up I met Niall’s gaze, he smiled big at me. The girls had a big smile pasted on their lips the whole time.
“Then we’re very happy for you Harry” Then they noticed Zayn and Bella and continued “And for you to Zayn if she’s your girlfriend” Zayn smiled back at them.
“Yes she is” The boys gave the girls their autographs and took pictured with them.  When they had taken a picture with Harry the waved at me to come stand with them.
“Can we maybe get a picture with both you and Harry?” I got a bit surprised but quickly said.
“Of course” And walked over to stand with them.
“Thank you so much we love you” They said to the boys and I smiled at how happy the girls were, I bet this was the happiest day of their lives so long. They walked over to sit down at their places again.
“Can you order for me, pick whatever you want to” I said to Harry and he nodded but looked a bit confused at me I just smiled and then walked against the table where the girls sat and sat down next to one of them.
“Is it okay if I sit here for a second?” They nodded quickly and looked at each other and smiled big.
“So what are your names?” I asked them with a smile.
“I’m Clara” one of them said “And I’m Johanna” The other one continued.
“I’m Carly” I said and one of them was about to say something but then bit her lip and swallowed the words again.  
“It’s okay you can ask me anything you want to”
“How did you and Harry meet?” I told them about it and about me and Niall being best friends but left the part about the misunderstanding between us out. Harry came up behind me and showed the milkshakes and nodded at the others, they sat down at the table across us.
“Would you like to sit with us?” I asked them and then looked at Harry. He got a big smile at his face. The girls walked over to our table and Harry dragged me closer to him and whispered.
“You are just amazing, why are you even doing this?”
“If I were a fan I would have wanted this opportunity too and I want to be liked by your fans” I whispered back and winked at him.
“I can promise that they will absolutely love you”

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Chapter 23 Leaving Home

I squeezed Harry’s hand and smiled lightly at him, he smiled back but the smile didn’t reach his eyes.
“Hey we’ll see each other again next week” I said trying to cheer him up.
“But it’s still too long” He said pouting his lip. All of the lads were going home to celebrate Christmas with their families except Niall of course since he had his family here. It felt strange that they were going home, you’ll get used to having them all around very quickly. I realized that I wasn’t allowed to get used to having Harry around so often since it wasn’t going to be like that at all later and that frightened me. We stopped to say goodbye because we weren’t allowed to go any further than this, so the lads had to continue by themselves now. Harry stood in front of me, looked at me for a second then leaned down and kissed me. The moment our lips touched he dragged me closer and the kiss became more passionate. I felt his hands on my back push me harder against him and I didn’t protest, too soon he interrupted the kiss and took one step back to look at me. He was always the one who canceled our kisses, to be honest I wasn’t strong enough to do that. He laid his hand on my cheek and looked straight into my eyes.
“This is going to be a long week” He said and sighed, I smiled at him and the only think I could think of was that one week is nothing compared to what will come.
“I’m going to miss you but treasure the time you get with your family these days”
“I will I promise”
“Are we allowed to say good bye to Carly now too?” Liam said behind Harry, I smiled at him and Harry took a step back so Liam could give me a hug. Then I hugged Zayn and when I was going to hug Louis he lifted me up and spun me around.
“Good bye Louis” I said laughing at him.
“Bye” they all said and started to walk away. Harry gave me one fast kiss then ran after them, we waved at them and then walked away. Niall came up between me and Bella and laid his arms around us.
“Guess it’s just us three for a week now then”

Bella’s point of view

I had imagined how Zayn would be like for a long time but he was so much better than that. Believe me I didn’t think anything awful of him before but still I never expected it to be like this. Everything felt natural with Zayn. I’m going to miss him this week, you get used to having them all around pretty fast. I know that Carly and I felt just the same about this and we were both worried about the future because we knew that one week was nothing against to what was coming. But I knew that she took it harder than I did, I knew it was going to work out if you just believe in it. That’s the biggest difference between me and Carly, she was afraid to believe and hope. She didn’t admit it but I knew it.

Zayn stopped in front of me and laid his hand on my cheek.
“I wish you could go with me now” He said and smiled lightly. The way he looked at me made my heart race faster than ever before.
“Me too, but it’s just one week Zayn it’s nothing against what’s coming” I said and he lost his smile which immediately made me regret saying anything. Why did I always speak before I thought?
“I know, are you worried about it?” I smiled at him again and said.
“Actually not, I know it’s going to be fine if we just believe it will be” He got a big smile back on his lips.
“Always there to make me smile, you are just unbelievable” Then he dragged me closer and kissed me.
“I’m going to miss you” he whispered and then walked away with the rest of the lads. Niall came up from behind and laid one hand on my shoulder.
“Are you okay?” He asked carefully.
“Yes but she’s not” I said and nodded at Carly, he looked over at her.
“Carly is taking this harder than she shows”

Carly’s point of view

It was along week with the lads gone, me and Bella was at Niall’s place every day but it wasn’t the same just us three anymore there was something missing. Me and my dad actually celebrated Christmas with Niall, his mum and family. They were all very nice and I noticed that his nonstop eating was something that runs in the family. But they were all very lovely, but when someone asked if I was his girlfriend it was quite awkward but Niall solved it and made it a funny situation instead and I’m forever thankful for that.

I looked out the window and saw the landscape betting smaller and smaller. Even though I found Mullingar better than I thought this was me going home. But London wasn’t my home anymore either, my home was with Harry. I looked over at Bella and knew she was just as excited as I was, we let out a little happy scream and Niall looked strange at us and laughed.
“We’re going to rock this town”

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Chapter 22 Special Moment

I noticed that Harry moved a bit and then he slowly opened his eyes. When he saw me a big smile spread on his lips.
“Good morning love” I looked questioning at him.
“I feel asleep next to Bella and woke up next to you? Explain please” He laughed at me.
“You don’t remember?” I shook my head and he laughed again.
“Bella got tired of you so she moved over to Zayn and accidentally woke you up. You didn’t want to sleep alone so you called me over and here I am” He said with a happy smile, it worried me that I didn’t remember this at all. Goldfish memory or what?
“I only slept next to you right? We didn’t do anything else?” I said and blushed a bit. He cleared his throat a bit and then looked away smiling.
“Oh my god Harry, what did we do?” I said with panic in my voice, this was just extremely awkward.
“Carly calm down it was just a joke” He said laughing and then took his arm around me and pulled me closer to him. I cuddled up against him and then we just laid there for a while since the others weren’t awake yet.
“I forgot to ask you yesterday but I was wondering if you and Bella got any plans for New Years Eve?”
“No not any that I know of why?” I answered and looked up at him meeting his beautiful eyes.
“Me and Louis are having this big party in our flat back in London do you maybe want to come?” He said and smiled at me.
“In London? But how are we going to get over there?”
“We’ll fly you over of course, you don’t have to pay anything so don’t worry about that. It would mean a lot to me if you were there” He said blushing a bit, I smiled big at the thought of going back to London again and at that he actually wanted me to come. I also knew Bella would kill me if I said no and honestly I didn’t want to say no either.
“Of course we want to come!” I said with a big smile.
“Good what do you say about waking up the rest now?” He said with a cheeky smile. I understood his thought and we got up quickly and started to jump at the mattresses and screamed and shouted at them to wake up.
“SHUT UP” Zayn screamed at us and pulled his pillow over his head, I heard Niall laugh a bit so jumped over to him and lay down next to him.
“So we’re celebrating New Year with you guys” He looked at me and smiled.
“I heard that! Harry told me yesterday he was going to invite you”
“Get up now so we can eat some breakfast” I looked over to see how things were going for Harry, he laid down between Zayn and Bella and tried to push them off the mattress by taking so much space he could. I laughed at him, walked over there and dragged him up.
“Let’s go make some breakfast and if they want to continue to sleep they have to stay hungry”

We made pancakes and Harry kept throwing flour at me all the time so when we were done the whole kitchen looked like whole flour bowl but the pancakes tasted good at least and everyone got up from the bed.
“We’re doing an interview with an Irish magazine later today, do you want to come?” Niall asked looking at me and Bella.
“I’d love to but only if I get to take a shower first” I said and looked down at my floury clothes.
“And you?” Louis said looking over at Bella she nodded happily. Harry came up behind me and said
“Save water and shower with me” It was hard to say no I mean look at that boy and you’ll understand how hard he is to resist but before I got the chance to answer Niall quickly said.
“No sex in my shower” I looked over at Harry and he gave me a sad look, I smiled at him.
“Guess we have to take the bed later then” I said and winked at Harry. Niall gave us both a deadly gaze and we laughed at him.
“That wasn’t even funny guys” He said.

Harry took my hand and led me against the hall into the room where the interview was going to be.
“Are you sure you want to hold my hand right now, they’re going to ask about it later then you know” He looked questioning at me, guess that was not a problem then but it made me a bit nervous. I guess there were already pictures out of us after our date last night, I hope he had a plan of what to tell them.

Me and Bella sat in the same room but behind the interviewer so the boys could look at us the whole time. They were doing a group interview first and then one with each of the boys. They asked a lot about their coming up tour and how it felt getting more and more famous and then they came to the more personal questions.
“So who of you are single now?” The interviewer asked.
“I got a girlfriend” Liam said directly since everyone already knew that.
“Me and Niall are single” Louis said and high fived Niall. I looked nervous at Harry but he looked completely calm.
“I’m seeing someone right now” Zayn said. The interviewer turned to Harry, after all he was basically the biggest girl favorite in the band.
“I’m seeing someone too” He said, looked over at me and smiled. I looked down at the ground blushing but felt a rush and couldn’t help but smile. The interviewer noticed and said.
“I guess we’ll start interviewing Harry first” The other boys walked over and sat down next to us, Harry kept looking at me making me blush even more. He couldn’t really focus on the interview and seems completely lost and confused.
“Maybe we should take Carly outside so he can focus on this” Niall said and Harry gave him a deadly gaze.
“I noticed the girl gets a lot of focus so we can call you two inside when we’re done” The interviewer said and smiled at me. I smiled at Harry and walked after Niall. We sat down on the floor opposite each other and leaned against the wall.
“Well that was awkward” I said and laughed.
“Yes especially for Harry, he’s never been like that before” Niall said laughing.
“I’m sorry if this sound strange but I want to ask you, are you okay with me and Harry dating?” I asked blushing a bit.
“Of course I am, I just want you to be happy and since I know Harry so well at least I know what creep you are dating” I breathed out in relief, I hadn’t really got the chance to talk with Niall since the boys arrived and his opinion meant a lot to me.
“Why did you ask me if it was okay?”
“Because after all your opinion mean a lot to me, you mean a lot to me” He smiled big at me.
“But you like Harry a lot don’t you?” I blushed and avoided his gaze.
“Yes you do” He said and laughed at me.
“I guess I do then”
“He likes you a lot too, you can see on the way he’s acting when you’re around he don’t really know what to say and he blushes a lot more than usual”
“But I’m a bit worried too, about the fame and the distance” I said and looked won at the ground again, I was happy to talk to Niall because I knew he would understand more than anyone else and I needed to get this out of me.
“I don’t think you have to worry about that, if you truly like him it will all work out and as I told you million times before don’t worry about our fans”
“Thank you Niall” I said smiling at him then someone opened the door and told us we could come inside once again. When I got inside I looked directly at Harry and he met my gaze and made my whole world stop again.
“So how did it go?”
“Good” Harry said, smiled at me and dragged me down to sit in his lap.

When they were done none of us wanted to go back home directly so we split up, Bella and Zayn walked away by themselves and me and Harry walked away leaving the other lads. We walked around for a while in Dublin and I tried to get Harry to tell him what he said about us in the interview but he refused.
“Why can’t you just tell me?” I said desperately curious.
“Read the magazine when it comes out” I gave him an angry gaze, he squeezed my hand and said.
“Don’t play that on me, you know you can’t be angry at me” I sighed.
“You’re right, unfortunately” I looked around and saw that we were right outside St Stephan’s Green once again.
“Want to go inside again?” Harry asked me and I nodded. We walked around it and when we were at the big stone bridge we stopped and leaned on it looking down at the swans.
“It’s so peaceful here, I love this place” I said and looked over at Harry.
“Me too” He walked over and stood behind me, I turned around to look at him and he looked me straight into my eyes and said.
“I’m so glad that I met you” I smiled at him and then started to blush so I looked down at the ground. He took one finger under my chin and lifted it up so I met his gaze again.
“Don’t do that, you’re beautiful when you’re blushing” Then I felt small raindrops starting to fall down at us and just seconds later the rain was pouring down. I looked at Harry and we laughed then he said.
“I’ve always wanted to do this” He leaned forward and easily touched my lips, my blood rushed through my veins and my heart beats speeded up. My lips automatically reacted against his and I laid my arms around his neck and he pulled me closer to him. I felt a rush went through my body and the whole universe stopped for that moment and left nothing but completely happiness. I couldn’t wish for anything more than this.

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Chapter 21 Sleepover

On our way home Harry got a call from Niall who begged us to stop by Nando’s to order food for everyone and bring it back with us home. Then he gave me the phone and whispered that it was Bella.
“Hello?” I wondered what was so important that she couldn’t wait to tell me until we got home.
“I thought you said that you weren’t going to date Harry”
“Well I was kidnapped so didn’t have much of a choice”
I said and looked over at him and smiled.
“Tell me everything! What did you do? Oh my god did he kiss you?” I laughed at her excitement.
“Well I can’t really tell you that right now since someone is hearing every word I’m saying” Harry looked questioning at me, I guessed he understood that that someone was him.
“Oh right I forgot, tell me everything later. Oh and I almost forgot you are sleeping here tonight or we are sleeping here tonight! I’ve already picked up your stuff”
“I guess I’m not allowed to protest”
“Definitely not but see you later, bye”
then she hung up.
“We’re having a sleepover at Niall’s tonight” I said to Harry and he looked surprised at me.
“Are you and Bella sleeping over?”
“Yes she just told me, are there even space for us to sleep at?” I said and thought of how much space the boys needed.
“There’s place for you in my bed” Harry said with a cheeky smile, I sighed at him.
“I thought you only liked grandmas” I answered and winked at him, now it was his turn to sigh at me.
“Our fans have a wild imagination” He was right, their fans were absolutely crazy but I have to admit they were funny.
“It’s not imagination if it’s true, admit it grandmas turns you on” He shook his head at me.
“Can we please stop talking about my sexlife, if you’re so curious about it you have to check for yourself” He looked at me with that cheeky smile again and I just shook my head at him, I had nothing to answer back and he knew it. He laid his hand on my thigh and I laid my hand on top of his.

When we opened the door Niall was there in two seconds and took the food then he disappeared out in the kitchen.
“I have no hope for that boy anymore” Harry agreed and then took my hand and walked out in the kitchen. All the boys already sat around the table and Bella helped Niall put everything out on the table.
“So it seems like you two had a nice date?” Louis said and nodded at our hands. Harry looked a bit nervous at me, waiting for me to respond.
“We had an amazing date” I said and Harry breathed out.
“So what did you two do today then?” I said and looked over at Bella and Zayn.
“They broke some tables” Louis said and made us all burst out into laughter, Zayn gave Louis a deadly gaze.
“Shut up boo bear” Bella said and Louis gave her a deadly gaze.
“You’re not allowed to call me that” She smiled at him and answered.
“Well you were not allowed to make fun of me so I guess we’re even now”
“Watch out Louis she got attitude” Liam said and winked at Bella.

We didn’t do much later we basically just sat and talked about everything and nothing. But then suddenly Niall punched a pillow in Liam’s face.
“You shouldn’t have done that” Liam said and throwed the pillow at Niall but it missed and hit Zayn instead. We all looked at each other for a second then grabbed the nearest pillow and a big pillow fight had now started. We ran around the whole living room and jumped up and down from everything. Harry came up from behind and lifted me up and was just about to throw me down at the mattresses we had put all over the floor when someone pushed him from behind and he fell down to and landed on top of me. He looked straight into my eyes and I was absolutely sure he was going to kiss me but then he broke eye contact with me and I could see that he was blushing a bit. He helped me up and then I heard Louis scream.
“I surrender! Please I surrender” And saw that everyone was throwing pillows at him, we all looked at each other and laughed but then sat down on the floor exhausted.
“How much is the clock? Maybe we should go to bed” Niall said and everyone agreed. The boys all took one mattress each leaving no one left for me and Bella, Harry patted at the place next to him and smiled at me.
“Harry go sleep next to Louis, me and Bella are taking this mattress” I said and made all the boys laugh.
“Come here babe!” Louis screamed and Harry jumped over to him. Niall turned off the lights and just seconds later we all fell asleep.

I woke up and felt someone’s arm around and I was just about to yell a bit at Bella and then noticed that it weren’t Bella it was Harry I laid next to. He had nothing but underwear on; I panicked and looked down at myself but then breathed out when I saw that I still had my pajamas on. I looked around the room and saw that Bella was lying next to Zayn and wondered what the hell had happened this night?

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Chapter 20 Forgetting The World

I was kidnapped by Harry Styles. This was clearly not how I expected my Friday to be but I couldn’t complain. I was really excited to see what he had planned for us to do and every time he looked at me I felt all week and got a tingling through my body.
“We have to drive a bit first if you don’t mind?”
“No not at all, I’m just excited to see where you’re taking me” He smiled at me and then looked like he was going to say something more but stopped and bit his lip.
“What? Just tell me Harry” I said and smiled at him, he looked at me and smiled still hesitating.
“Okay then, we’re going to Dublin but I’m not telling you anymore than that!” I smiled big at him, now he got me even more excited. We were both quiet for a little time but then he interrupted it.
“Tell me more about yourself, I basically don’t know anything about you”
“I basically don’t know more of you than you know about me” He looked a bit surprised at me, I guess he was used to people knowing everything about him.
“Believe it or not Harry I was not a fan before I was more of a hater” I said and blushed a bit, he laughed at me.
“Yes, I hated seeing your faces everywhere in London and I hated hearing my best friend talk about you 24/7, I didn’t know anything about you but since everyone else loved you I decided to hate you” Now he laughed at me again.
“You don’t want to be like everyone else then I guess?”
“No definitely not” I said with a smile then I told him all about my home in London, things I Alexi used to do and crazy things we had done and we both laughed a lot.
“But what did you do o your spare time? Any special interests?” When he said that I smiled to myself and thought of my dancing. I hadn’t danced since I left London.
“I dance” I said simply.
“For how long?”
“So long I can remember” I said with a smile and looked at him. He had his eyes at the row but he smiled and then looked at me again and said.
“You seem very passionate about it” That made me smile again because he was right.
“I am, I love to dance more than anything else in the world. Or rather saying I love to express myself to music and in music” I just realized I’d told him too much.
“You’re singing too?” I decided not to care but actually I hadn’t told anyone about my singing since I did it just for fun. The only people who knew I was writing and singing my own music was Alexis and my mum and they were also the only ones who had ever heard me sing.
“Yes, but I do both my singing and dancing just for fun” When I said that he smiled big.
“I do my singing just for fun too, I do it because I love it and I’m just lucky to have the chance to be able to live on it”
“I’ve never told anyone about it except my mum and Alexis before” When I said that he smiled big and then looked at me with that look that made me forget about the world. The rest of the ride he told me about his family and Holmes Chapel and I could see how much he missed his family and friends from there but he also said many times that he loved the life he had right now and I could see that he was completely honest about it.

Suddenly he turned in and parked the car, I looked outside and we had parked in the middle of Dublin. He got out of the car and ran around it and opened my door for me.
“Thank you” I said when I stepped out of the car. He reached out his hands and I grabbed it with a smile.
“Where are you taking me?” I said curiously.
“You’ll see” He said and then we started to walk through the streets of Dublin, it was a beautiful city. Not as big and crowded as London but still much people everywhere. And you could hear music from everywhere of the town, from different streets and pubs and stores. It was incredible.
“Wait aren’t you afraid of your fans seeing us?” I looked up at him with a worried gaze.
“I’m not afraid of showing you to the world” He answered and looked down at me with that gaze again. I looked down at the ground and blushed but I had that instant tingling on my body around him and the butterflies in my stomach went crazy. There was actually no fans coming up to us or noticing us at all. We walked past a man sitting on the street with a guitar in his arms and a mike erected in front of him, I looked surprised at Harry when stopped, told me to stay and walked up to the man. I looked at them and they talked about something and laughed then Harry walked up to stand behind the mike. People started to notice that he was Harry Styles and stopped and whispered and some girl screamed happily. He looked over at me, smiled and then started to speak in the mike.
“This song started my journey to where I am today and it reminds me a lot of this beautiful girl standing right here and I really hope this is the start for us too” The man started to play and then Harry started to sing.

He looked at me during the whole song, he had an incredible voice and I can even admit he did ‘Isn’t She Lovely’ better than Stevie Wonder. When he was done I had shivers over my whole body and I even got tears in my eyes. I walked up to him with a big smile and hugged him.
“I’m out of words” I whispered in his ear and felt him laugh. I kissed him on the cheek before I got out of his arms. People applauded around us and his fans who had noticed us screamed. He throwed away an air kiss to them and then took my hand again and lead me away from them.
“Where are we going now?”
“I want to show you a place” He said with a big smile. We walked a little bit then I saw this huge stone arch that said St Stephan’s Green and Harry smiled at me and we walked under it into the park. I was completely out of words when I saw everything in there, it was so beautiful. The whole park was green and filled with flowers even though it was winter, there was a big pond in the middle of it and most of the trees had no leaves but there was some trees that blossomed with pink flowers. I can’t even describe it, the feeling you got when you walked in was amazing.
“It’s so beautiful here” I whispered.
“Nothing compared to you” He answered and looked me straight in the eyes. We walked hand in hand through the park and Harry sang bits of their songs and looked at me the whole time, and every time I met his gaze I drowned in his eyes and the only thing that existed for me at that moment was him.

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Chapter 19 The Kidnapping

We sat on Bella’s bed and her mouth went in super speed so I couldn’t hear a word of what she said.
“Hey slow down I can’t hear what you’re saying, breath Bella for god’s sake!” She stopped and took one deep breath but then burst out into laughter and then started to talk in full speed again.
“You know breathing is what normal people have to do to survive” She stopped again and sighed.
“Okay you’re right, I have to calm down” She took some deep breaths.
“Now tell me how the hell you managed to get a kiss from Zayn Malik” She smiled big at me and then told me everything, how they had sneaked away for a while when we were watching the movie, they hadn’t done anything other than talked but somehow it clicked between them.
“How could I not have noticed that you sneaked away? Was I drugged or anything?” She gave me a sarcastic look.
“You didn’t notice anything other than Harry today babe” I stuck out my tongue at her and she send me an air kiss back.
“Now tell me about you and Harry instead, what the hell happened there?” I’d rather talked about her and Zayn, because this was a subject I wasn’t really sure of.
“Nothing happened”
“I might be quite dumb sometimes but I’m not that stupid, something happened the minute you said hello to him” I laughed at her.
“No it did not! Like you noticed anything being all into Zayn the whole evening!”
“And that is supposed to come from you? Not noticing anything that happened around you, yeah sure babe blame it all on me” She said and laughed, I got angry at myself for not noticing them tonight but couldn’t help but laugh at it too.
“Okay but nothing really happened, you saw us the whole time”
“Not when you were in the bathroom, what happened there? The only think I saw was water being poured over me and then I heard you scream and a lots of thumps and noise from the bathroom. Then Louis disappeared and came back laughing his ass off with you and Harry after him completely wet and you were blushing like I don’t know what” I laughed at that, the bathroom incident was actually quite funny.

We sat down in the corner in the cafeteria at our lunch. We hadn’t talked anything at all about the lads in case anyone heard us but no one could hear us here so Bella kept nagging about being nervous of meeting Zayn alone today. As usual I didn’t hear a word of what she said so just to shut her up I interrupted her and said.     
“Harry asked me out yesterday” She stopped immediately and looked at me.
“What!?” I smiled at her, finally she was quiet but I didn’t repeat what I just said because honestly I didn’t think she heard what I actually said.
“What did you answer? Please don’t tell me you said no” Obviously she did, crap.
“Sorry to disappoint you then” She kicked me underneath the table.
“Ouch what was that for?” I gave her an angry gaze.
“For saying no to Harry, why the hell did you say no?” I shrugged and then said.
“I don’t know really, I just did” She shook her head and sighed at me.
“If we were alone I would kill you but lucky here’s to many witnesses”

I walked out against the parking lot where Niall was supposed to pick me up; Bella had basically run home to get ready for Zayn to come over. I looked around and when I saw Niall’s car I ran up to it, opened the front door and jumped in. I looked next to me and noticed that it wasn’t Niall in the car it was Harry.
“Hello babe” He said with a big smile.
“Why are you here and where is Niall?” I said a bit surprised.
“Nice to see you too and Niall is home” I smiled at him.
“You know I didn’t mean it like that”   
“I know I’m just teasing you” He answered and winked.
“But what is going on?” I was a bit confused at the moment since I didn’t expect Harry to be here.
“I’m kidnapping you” He said with a mischievous smile. I looked at him with big eyes.
“You’re what?” His smile got even bigger.
“I’m taking you out for a date”

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Chapter 18 Hard to get

All of the lads were walking with me and Bella against her house; they didn’t want us to go by ourselves this late. It was really cold outside and my thin jacket wasn’t enough for this weather and my wet clothes weren’t making it any better either.  I walked next to Harry and he noticed that I was shaking.
“Are you cold babe?” I looked at him and nodded, he started to take off his jacket but I stopped him.
“You don’t have to do that, I’m fine” He stopped and looked at me.
“No you’re shaking of the cold; I’m fine please take my jacket”
“No I can’t let you walk around in just your hoodie” I was not letting him go around freezing because of me.
“You’re so stubborn, stop it and take my jacket” I was just about to protest again but he had already taken of his jacket and laid it on my shoulders.
“No protests, just take it” I smiled and took on the jacket.
“Thank you” He smiled back and then laid his arm around me to make me even warmer.
“Hey lovebirds how are things going back there?” Louis screamed back at us, we were a bit behind since we had stopped.
“Just fine we just stopped for a fast one” I answered and Harry looked surprised at me, I smiled big at him and he burst into laughter. Louis had now stopped and waited for us, his face expression was too much so both Harry and I laughed at him.
“I better walk back here and keep an eye on you two, she’s not only wild she’s dirty too”
“Are you warm yet?” Harry asked me, I was warm but he should be shaking right now only walking around in a hoodie.
“Yes of course” Louis looked at us again and now noticed that I was wearing Harry’s jacket and that he had his arm around me. He rolled his eyes at us.
“Feeling left out boo bear?” Harry asked him.
“What do you think? There’s Liam and Niall walking around like a married couple and then there’s Bella and Zayn going there holding hands and the worst of all is my own boyfriend is cheating on me” We both laughed at him.
“Wait is Bella and Zayn holding hands?” Both Harry and Louis looked strange at me.
“What did I miss?” I asked a bit confused.
“Haven’t you seen them all night? And in case you missed it Bella’s throwing you out tomorrow because Zayn is coming over there, they clearly wanted to be alone” This was confusing.
“How could I miss all this?” Louis laughed and then answered
“You were busy being overwhelmed by curly boy here” He must be lying I couldn’t have been so caught up by Harry but then realized that was probably true, I looked down at the ground and blushed lucky me it was dark outside. The other had stopped and waited for us to catch up with them. Niall looked at me and Harry and winked. I hadn’t talked so much to him tonight and I felt a bit guilty about it but I also knew he would understand. I looked at Zayn and Bella and I guess she got her man after all.

We were just outside Bella’s house now so I stopped, took of Harry’s jacket and gave it back to him.
“Thank you for keeping my warm” I said with a smile. He looked me right in the eyes and answered.
“My pleasure” He walked closer to me but then Louis jumped in front of him and hugged me.
“Bye Carly it was nice meeting you”
“Nice meeting you too” I answered with a laugh, and then Liam and Zayn did the same. Harry walked up to me, took me in for a hug and whispered in my ear.
“Go out with me” I couldn’t help but smile.
“We’ll see” I answered and he sighed a bit and added a please.
“I’m not that easy to get Harry, play our movies right and I might go out with you later” He shook his head and then kissed me lightly on my cheek. I smiled and blushed a bit and then looked over to Zayn and Bella, they were standing really close and the Zayn said something to her that made her smile big and blushing look down at the ground. He lifted her chin up and kissed her lightly on her lips before he walked away.
“Can I at least get a hug?” Someone said behind me, I looked around and saw Niall standing there.
“Of course” I said and gave him a big hug, he kissed me on my forehead and then said.
“Want to come over tomorrow after school? I can pick you up” I smiled big at him.
“Sure” He smiled back and then waved and they all started to walk home. I looked over at Bella and she just stood there smiling and biting her lip. I walked over to her and started to drag her inside.
“Come here, you are telling me everything when we get inside!”  

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